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Refurbished instruments for sale

 Artley Flute ZAR2400 SOLD!

Yamaha Piccolo 32 ZAR6000 SOLD!  

Yamaha YFL 211S Flute ZAR6000 SOLD!

Yamaha YCL24 Clarinet ZAR3500 SOLD!

Yamaha YCL 250 Clarinet ZAR6500 SOLD!

Orpheo Alto Saxophone  ZAR4000 SOLD!

Yamaha YAS23 Alto Saxophone ZAR9500 SOLD!

 Crystal Flute recently serviced and sold with a guarantee. ZAR1200 SOLD!

Selmer Flute This flute has just been completely repadded, in excellent condition. Sold with a guarantee. ZAR2200 SOLD!

Yamaha YAS 23 alto sax completely restored and playing beautifully. These are considered the among the best Yamaha models ever made, solid and made to last. I have repadded, and replaced all corks and felts. I few minor scratches from age, hence the low price. Fully guaranteed of course. ZAR6900. SOLD!

Amati Flute, complete with original headjoint plus a solid siver Michael Botha headjoint, serviced and guaranteed. Price reduced. ZAR4000..

CONN SELMER PRELUDE alto saxophone. In immaculate condition, serviced and guaranteed. Appearance of the instrument and case reflects a new condition, probably never played. ZAR7500 SOLD!

YAMAHA 250 CLARINET completely overhauled, new pads and corks. Guaranteed. ZAR6000 SOLD!